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Well Issues

Since the day we moved into our new house, we’ve had issues with our well water. We have an artisan well and the day after we moved in, we smell a fish smell coming from the water, especially hot water. The smell was revolting and we could not drink that water at all – even using the water to wash the vessels was not very pleasant. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a choice – we had to use that water for everything till we could figure this out.

Eventually, after some time going back and forth with some well and water experts, we figured out that the arsenic filter was the problem. It was giving an amine smell. Replacing the arsenic filter media didn’t help either. After some research and talks with the company who had installed the arsenic filter, we decided to add a oxidizing filter before the arsenic filter because when we did water tests we found that the iron content in the water was very high.

After the oxidising filter was installed, we still had the smell if the water was sitting in the arsenic tank – we gave it a few days but still the smell was there. So finally, the arsenic media was replaced with another brand of arsenic filter which will not produce the smell.

After this, we had a few hiccups which were ironed out. Then I ran the dishwasher and there’s a lot of white residue which was there. We’re still trying to figure that one out.


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