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New job

Started my new job this week. Have been enjoying it so far – my brain’s being used at least. Didn’t get too much done this week because I’ve been busy with flying out and in from orientation and getting started.


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Flylady Update #4

I haven’t been very good about following Flylady’s rules. I washed vessels and loaded the dishwasher but didn’t do a lot of housework outside of that. I cooked but just made a salad.


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New job!

After 5 years of working for my current employer, I’ve received a job offer from another company and have decided to accept it. I will be giving my 2 weeks notice today.

This is going to be a completely new chapter in my life – it’s going to be a very challenging job requiring me to do a lot of things I’ve never done before. For the last 2 years, I’ve been stuck in a stagnant role and I’m excited about this new opportunity but I’m very scared at the same time. I’m scared of failing and not doing a good job but I have to try.

I work from home in my current job and I’ve gotten into a rut where I don’t like the person I am anymore. I will be interacting with people face-to-face and getting out of the house everyday – I’m hoping this will jolt me out and help me become happier.

Wish me luck!

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Year of the Tiger

Was reading an article today about the fate of the tiger in India. It’s amazing that tigers are the national animal of India and they’re going extinct in the wild.

Read this article for more info.



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I just started this blog to talk about my adventures with my new house. My husband and I just bought a new house – our first place. We’ve never owned a house before – this has been a adventure so far and will continue to be a adventure.

I will probably be talking about everything under the sun here but mostly about the house, furnishing, home improvement projects we hope to do – at least I hope to.

Welcome to my adventure!

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