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We had a indian event called “homam” at our place to bless the new house and a lot of family came and visited us. It was so much fun – talking with everybody, catching up, cooking up a storm…

The homam went well and then everybody left. 😦 .. the house seems so empty without so many people.

My dad and mom who had visited us and stayed for a while before the homam also left to visit my sister. They will be back however and I’m waiting for them to come back.


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First Dinner party

We had our first dinner party at home yesterday. We had invited our friends over and the food was indian. My parents were visiting and helping to organize the new house. Mom did the cooking (she’s the expert) and I was cleaning and organizing the house all day. This was crisis cleaning and organizing… 🙂

Our friends arrived in the evening and we had a great time at dinner.

Our first dinnery part hosted successfully!! 🙂

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